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4 Ways to Strengthen Your nails
Strong and thick nails are a sign of good health and make our hands look and feel attractive. If you're suffering from brittle nails that break easily, there are things you can do to make them more durable. Here are the four best ways to strengthen your nails.

Minimize Water Exposure

Excess water exposure can weaken your nails. nails can absorb water faster than skin. This can make it difficult for you to keep nails polish on and cause your nails to peel. You can minimize water exposure by wearing gloves when washing dishes or nails polish when swimming.

Eat a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is crucial to strengthen your nails. Berries contain antioxidants to protect your nails from damage. Leafy greens can provide iron for nails strength and magnesium-rich foods smooth nails ridges. The calcium in dairy can help your nails grow. Cooked eggs and legumes can also be beneficial for strengthening nails.

Keep nails Short

While longer nails may be prettier, it can make them more prone to chipping and breaking. By keeping your nails short, you can strengthen your nails. Shorter nails are also easier to maintain.

Choose nails Products Carefully

Many nails products contain harsh chemicals that can cause thinning and brittleness. Acetone-free nails products can help you keep your nails strong and healthy. Consult with your nails stylist on the best products to help strengthen your nails. Give your nails a break from these products to help them stay healthy.

Strengthen Your nails Love

If your nails need some tender love and care, you can strengthen your nails through professional nails salon treatments. nails We offer decadent pedicures and manicures for adults . We'll help restore your nails to a strong and healthy condition. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.
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Same Stylish nails Services with New Safety Protocols
YO NAIL STUDIO wants to welcome new and old customers to visit us . After the temporary closure during the COVID-19 shutdown, we are reopened and ready to offer stylish nails services to our clients. We have upgraded all our sanitizing methods to meet and exceed the new safety protocols. Here is what you can expect when you make an appointment and visit us for a pedicure, manicure, or spa service.

Make an Appointment

Due to restrictions, we can only allow a certain number of clients inside the spa to maintain social distancing. You will want to make an appointment online or by phone. Arrive at the time of your appointment (no later than 15 minutes or we may need to cancel your appointment) - you can check-in, but there is no waiting area at this time due to social distancing restrictions.

Face Masks Are Required

Both our nails technicians and our clients must wear facemasks for safety. We have face masks available or you can wear your own, whatever is more convenient.

Handwashing Stations

Our staff is maintaining strict cleanliness standards with frequent handwashing. Guests are encouraged to wash their hands when they arrive and throughout their visit, as well as use the provided hand sanitizer.

Sanitizing All items and Surfaces

We must maintain sanitized products and surfaces throughout our facility for the safety of our clients and employees. We will clean and sanitize all stations and equipment between clients. Any items (polish, samples, etc.) that are touched by clients will be disinfected each time they are handled.

It is our top priority at nails to ensure our customers and employees are safe, while still providing gorgeous manicures, pedicures, and other spa services. We will continue to provide the safety measures recommended health board. Schedule your next service at YO NAIL STUDIO .
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How to Take Care of a Mani-Pedi
A mani-pedi can be a treat, when you want to lift your mood or do something nice for yourself. It can be a regular investment in your confidence, with beautiful nails and toes to match. While we recommend you take the time to enjoy yourself by getting a relaxing and beautiful mani-pedi, it's important you take care of it with proper home care. You'll see long term results a lot sooner than you expect.

Stick to a Healthy Diet

Your food intake doesn't only affect your waistline. What you eat can have a huge impact on the health of your nails, both fingers and toes, as well as your hair and skin. By drinking at least the recommended eight glasses of water each day and by eating a healthy diet, you might just see an improvement in the health of your nails.

Trim nails Properly

Unfortunately, most people aren't aware of the damage they are doing to their nails by not trimming or filing them the right way. When you come in for your mani-pedi, ask your nails technician how you should be trimming them. Be sure to have them show you.

Avoid Drying Soaps

You might like those scented soaps on your bathroom counter, but they may be doing more harm than good when it comes to your nails. That fancy soap you're using in the shower might also be causing dry skin on your feet. This can also affect your toenails. Always choose a moisturizing soap.

Use Intense Moisture Cream

Water-based lotions often can't hydrate your skin as well as oil-based lotions. If they aren't able to moisturize your skin, then they definitely won't be able to keep your nails as hydrated as they should be for optimal health. Choose an oil-based, heavy cream instead of lotion.

Oil for nailsbeds

If you are experiencing extreme dryness, you need to get caught up on the moisture your nails need to be healthy. It's recommended you gently rub Vitamin E or apricot oil into the nailsbed of each nails. You can do this for fingernails and for toenails, as often as needed to bring your nails back to health.

If you're ready to start investing in the health of your nails, we're ready to see you at nails. Between our expert nails technicians and your diligent self-care, you'll have beautiful, natural nails in no time at all.
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Top 5 Reasons It's Time for Their First Mani-Pedi
You may be wondering when the right time would be to take your not-so-little young one to the spa for their first mani-pedi. The right time for one person might not be the right time for another, but there are several reasons why you may want to consider it soon. Is your young lady or gent ready for the posh and pamper of the spa?

A Reward

While offering a reward for each thing your child does can get to be a bit much and can become ineffective over time, sometimes you want to reward a fantastic achievement with something equally fantastic. A mani-pedi is a wonderful way to encourage dedication to a project, learning a skill or overcoming an obstacle.

Improved Self-Image

We mustn't place too much emphasis on a mani-pedi providing outer beauty. After all, they already have all the beauty they need, inside and out. What a mani-pedi can provide is a way of expressing that beauty and showing it off to the world in a new way. Remember, if your child is showing signs of poor self-image, a mani-pedi isn't the final solution, but it can be a part of it.

Healthy nails & Skin

Our hands and feet receive a lot of use every day, whether you are walking to and from classes, doing chores in the house or playing outside. One way to promote healthy nails and skin is by scheduling a regular mani-pedi, much like you do for yourself.

Purely to Pamper

Sometimes it isn't about what the trimming, buffing and painting do for the outward appearance. Instead, it's about what the process of taking time for yourself does for mental clarity. Self-care is as much physical care as it is emotional. Pampering them at the spa could be just what they need when they're having trouble with a relationship, schoolwork is getting particularly difficult or if personal issues have created stress.

Bonding Time

Your work hours, their school time as well as other scheduled activities sometimes complicate our lives. It can be difficult to spend quality time with each of our children individually. If you are looking for a way to get away from the house and spend some time with your kid, a day at the spa getting mani-pedis might be just what you each need.

At YO NAIL STUDIO, we specialize in more than spa services for adults. If you're ready to pamper stress away and have some fun, call 416-846-3303 to schedule a time to come in that's convenient for both of you.
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They're Like Cocktails for Your nails

Among our choices for pedicures and manicures is the Exotic Malibu Breeze. Imagine a luxury treatment, tantalizing your senses with the decadent aromas of the tropics. This treatment uses coconut to invigorate and naturally exfoliate your skin. Order up this concoction to soothe chapped, rough and scaly skin. Relax, as your foot is wrapped in an incredibly luscious paraffin wax that is infused with Vitamin E and peach extract. This treatment will reduce pain and stiffness and even increase your range of motion. Calluses and dry, cracked skin will be smoothed and softened. You'll also receive an energizing foot massage with a buttery warming lotion. You can finish with regular nails polish or pay for gel polish, for a long-lasting, shiny finish. All this is available in over 5000 color choices.
Another fabulous cocktail for your tootsies and fingers is the Luxury Mojito. This beauty treatment begins with a classic pedicure and slides into decadent indulgence. With mineral citrus extract, sugar exfoliation and a conditioning, minty clay mask, your feet will rejoice as impurities are removed and healing begins. As part of the treatment to maintain that youthful elasticity in your skin, your feet (or hands) will be wrapped in warm towels and receive a 20-minute massage. Again, you can finish up with your choice of regular nails polish or our gel polish, which dries instantly into a hard, long-lasting, shiny finish, for an extra fee.
Are you ready for a unique upscale mani-pedi spa experience? For questions or to book your service online, click here. Take care of you!
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You Survived the Holidays! It's Time to Pamper You!
Once again, you've spent the past few months preparing and celebrating the holidays. You've put up the decorations and packed them away again. You've cooked and baked and baked and cooked - including doing all the dishes. You've shopped and wrapped and exchanged for family, friends and co-workers. You've dolled yourself up for the office holiday party and had a great time. You've done cookie swaps, Secret Santa's and holiday hot toddies. Truth is, you've gone above and beyond for everyone. Great job! Isn't it time to pamper you just a little bit?

Who are we?

At Yo nail studio, it is our joy to pamper you with our manicures, pedicures and spa treatments. We specialize in top-quality luxury from the moment you walk through the doors. We offer a wide variety of services that include nails, waxing and reflexology. We are certain to have a specialty service that provides exactly what you need. From the moment you step into our pedicure lounge, you will see why this is the premier nails bar and spa in the area.

How We Take Care of You

Our pedicures are given with not only luxurious care, they are extremely hygienic and safe. We do not use water jets in our pedicure bowls, as they can be carriers and homes for a wide variety of bacteria, regardless of cleaning methods. Instead, you will find our pedicure spas lined for individual use. This extra step provides a level of cleanliness you will not find in many other spas. We choose individual spa bowl liners because they provide you with the very best service. We also have unique manicures; we love to turn your nails into works of art. You'll marvel at the beauty of the designs you can choose from. We'll leave you feeling elegant and pampered. Go ahead - you deserve it!
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Be Ready for Spring With a Natural Wellness Pedicure
Sometimes it feels like winter will last forever. The cold, windy air and nasty conditions take their toll on physical and mental wellness. It is important to take care of ourselves during this season as we look forward to the coming warmth of spring. A perfect way to promote self-care is with a Natural Wellness Pedicure at nails Bar and Spa in St. Louis Park, MN.

The Art of Moroccan Detox

The relaxing atmosphere of a pedicure is a wonderful way to combat the stressful time of winter. nails Bar and Spa offers several different pedicure treatments that pamper your skin and leave you with an overall feeling of energy and wellness. The Art of Moroccan Detox helps combat low energy through the use of black charcoal. When used in combination with aromatherapy oils and Vitamin E, black charcoal eliminates impurities, detoxifies the skin, and leaves skin feeling soft and supple. This 38-minute treatment will massage away tight muscles and make you feel ready to take on the day.

Ultimate Essential Oil

Winter skin is thirsty and craves moisture. Through the Ultimate Essential Oil pedicure, skin is pampered with exfoliation, a gel mask, a hot towel treatment and a massage. The aroma of the essential oils will wake up your senses. Heated basalt stones round out this 33-minute treatment leaving you feeling energized. This is the perfect way to fight the harsh weather conditions. It will help you look forward to the warmer days ahead.

Natural Ice-Dancer

The star of this pedicure is the invigorating IceDancer® gel mask. Special focus is placed on dry, cracked feet. When combined with an herbal mineral bath and a relaxing massage, this treatment will make you feel like you can battle the weather with ease. Winter will eventually loosen its grip, and spring will arrive. Be ready for warmer days by pampering yourself and protecting your skin. To schedule an appointment, contact us here or call us at 416-846-3303. We look forward to hearing from you!
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Pamper Yourself With an At-Home Manicure
The pandemic still means many businesses remain closed, and many people are still confined to their homes. This isolation can lead to feelings of depression and anxiety. Things we once considered novelties can help provide mental and emotional support, during this time of crisis.

At-Home Manicures

It is important to look your best, even if you are working from home. Paying attention to self-care promotes emotional wellbeing, which is vital during times of isolation. For the perfect manicure you can do at home, follow these steps:

+ Start with clean nails. Prepare your nails with a high-quality polish remover, to remove old polish, dirt and oils that accumulate on the nails.
+ Properly file your nails. Filing is only one part of this process. Clip your nails if they are too long. File one direction into the shape you want. If you are new to this, it is best to keep to a simple round or squared shape. After your nails are shaped, gently go over your nails with a nails buffer. This will remove ridges and rough spots on your nails.
+ Don't forget your cuticles. Use a cuticle remover to help soften the cuticle area, then gently push back the cuticle with a cuticle stick. Do not cut your cuticles. They are important for protecting your nails from bacteria.
+ Treat your hands. Exfoliate and moisturize your hands. This will give your hands a younger, more youthful appearance.
+ Always use a base coat. Colored nails polish stains the nails, so prep the nails first, with a base coat.
+ Start polishing. Apply thin coats of polish and avoid using short strokes. Allow each coat to dry before applying the next coat. Two coats of polish are best.
+ Finish with a topcoat. The clear topcoat will seal in your polish color and make your manicure last longer.

Take care of yourself while you are at home. When businesses reopen, we will be thrilled to serve you again. In the meantime, don't forget to pamper yourself. For more information about our regular services, please visit us online. We look forward to seeing you again soon!